Louisiana Above Freret

A storm was brewing today, so I though I best get my bike ride in early.  Fortunately, the weather looked up and I managed to ride all day long.  I decided to take some major routes, so went up Louisiana and then down to the Quarter via Claiborne.  That got a little hairy for this bike rider, but overall, it was good.  Now if these neighborhoods can just get an influx of capital so they can have it good too…


Audubon Park Loop

I get to ride through Audubon Park on my way to work.  The path is smooth, the old oaks are impressive, and the birds are in charge.  Other than the uninteresting golf course, whose back nine unearthed a whole lot of trees, this park is truly beautiful.

Bourbon Street By Day

Bourbon Street is fun, it’s sad, it’s depressing, it’s ridiculous.  By day, it is preparing for night, which seems to begin in earnest around 3pm.

I was heading down to the Marigny for coffee, books, then beer.  Fortunately, the streetcar passed me, allowing me to chase her to Canal.  I love the many forms of transit alive in this city.  Me?  I’ll take my bike.